Self-realization — the key to our soul?

The other day, I was sitting and working on a couple of my essays and came to this point of thinking of whether everything we write, read, or memorize is literally synced with the outer world, and if yes, then simply how?

Is this the way things are supposed to work?

Well, it wasn’t until I finished reading Daniel H. Pink’s “To Sell is Human” and realized how we all are of one kind and have the same potential of competence, yet it is directed to our own selves on how we interpret the information we have and will to utilize.

Too much cliche… let’s get to work.

According to scientific research, one of the most active periods of one’s brain is the time he/she sleeps during the night.

Immediately, a question arises: “What? How come at night? Why not during a heavy physical workout?

Is there any possibility that we are hypnotized simultaneously while sleeping, leading to increased overload?

All of these thoughts might also be tangent to another factor named as:


What is attainment? Technically, “attainment” means ACHIEVEMENT.

So, once started talking about attainment, we have to talk about the stages where the word change is what needs to be embedded in one’s life.

Here we go!

1. Your Motivation Is Gone

Humans all have something that makes them tick. A goal that makes them wake up at 5am even though they would love to sleep in late. A drive that makes them decline social events, because their jobs need them to stay all night, or maybe it’s the opposite and you attend social events to please the ones close to you.

It comes from your motivation to succeed either professionally or personally, but once the drive is missing, then you can’t keep going and you will lose your motivation.

If you suddenly can’t find that drive inside you once had, then it can be a sign. It can be your needs or wants that have changed. The important thing is that if you don’t feel the same motivation any longer, then it’s time to do something about it.

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We’ve been taught to keep going even when it gets tough, but it’s okay to change and redefine yourself. It’s not about giving up. It’s about stopping up and revaluate whether you still want the same things in life.

Sometimes you may find out you still want the same time, but the way you’re going about it isn’t working for you.

Chris Sacca, an American venture investor, and entrepreneur, bought a cabin in Tahoe’s less-expensive neighbour and moved to the prime skiing and hiking country when he felt his motivation sliding away. He still had the same goals, but described a need for a change in his life to get back the right mind-set:

Find your passion and motivation back to live a better life with these tips

2. The People Around You Are Changing

The grass is far from always greener on the other side of the street (at least most of the time), and while we shouldn’t compare ourselves to the people around us on a daily basis, it’s okay to take a look once a while.

The people you surround yourself with often reflect back on yourself. If you’re going through a phase where most of your friends have been going out all the time, and then they suddenly start to focus on work and family, it might be a sign.

This by no means imply you should change your life if you’re still feeling fulfilled and good about it. But if you turn your head and start noticing a change around you and it makes you rethink things, it’s probably a sign of you being ready to change as well.

Image result for changing lifestyle

3. You’re Bored

A healthy life shouldn’t be all fun and games, but if you’re starting to feel bored on a daily basis, then it could be a sign. There’s a difference between waking up on a Sunday and not knowing what to do, and waking up every day and feel bored.

Maybe you don’t feel challenged in your job any longer, or your normal idea of fun is no longer giving you the enjoyment it once did before.

Take the time to check with yourself. Are you just bored? Or do you need something more in your life?

Humans are run by habits and routines, which makes it tough to change them. It also makes us stay in bad situations much longer than needed.

It’s always hard in the beginning but you can do it! Take a leap of faith and change your life.


So, as you may have noticed, life is definitely a chest full of adventures and challenges yet to be pursued

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Creativity = the Trademark of the 21st Century?

Are we talking Rainbows or Star-wars?

When it comes to the point when words seem to mean more than they actually bear, the term of “controversy” enlightens its shade.

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Not to be mixed with 6ix9ine

The industry of music itself is pretty large and competitive as a whole. For instance, a young artist named as Lil Pump signed a contract worth of $7 million dollars, and that’s just at the age of 17!

Many may ask the reason of such a massive appeal towards one of the most popular industries of entertainment. Creativity it is,

Inspiration is the word?

Basically, anything we listen to always gives us a sort of wave of emotions. But that is driven thanks to the creativity that the artists implement in their work. If not fr their art, Music wouldn’t have been popular at all and hence, no customers (listeners) = no profit.

Image result for inspiration

Other than music, the point is that when creativity exists, new ideas and innovations rapidly come into the market of choice and perhaps is one of the most attractive human forces ever to exist.

In order to simplify my expressions. a bright example of the impact of creativity on Entrepreneurship is demonstrated below.

Entrepreneurship + Creativity?

Creativity eliminates the limits to the mindset and skill set of an investor.

Image result for investor

However, a lot of people associate creativity with lack of restraint and believe it can cause chaos. Conversely, leadership is all about control and order.

As such, entrepreneurship and creativity form a perfect combination. It no longer takes number-crunching skills and practicality to run a successful business.

Over time, creativity has become an integral component of good business acumen. Lack of creativity could easily drag your business into the stagnation mode.

Here is why creativity is critical to entrepreneurs.

High overall success

There is a misconception that people only needs intelligence to achieve everything they need in life.

However, it takes time for aspiring entrepreneurs to realize that creativity plays an integral role as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of learning institutions stress more on intelligence than creative thinking. It could perhaps be because intellectual knowledge is measurable whereas creativity can be challenging to spot. Nonetheless, dynamics are changing, and entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the importance of bringing creative people on board. Creative workers can be a game changer in your company if you harness and shape their skills adequately.

Increase productivity

Creativity allows an entrepreneur to disconnect from the accustomed and move into uncharted territories with an aim to discern unique and useful solutions.

It has, therefore, become essential for both leaders and employees to develop creative skills.

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Entrepreneurs are providing the necessary technological resources such as visual collaboration, which is often confused with video conferencing to help their workers discover innovative solutions and ideas.

In fact, this is an extremely cost-effective strategy to increase workplace productivity. Innovation and creativity bring an entrepreneur to the success path.

Exploit employee potential

You are probably utilizing only half of your employee’s potential by not encouraging workplace creativity.

Fortunately, entrepreneurs increasingly realize the ocean of creative ideas that remain untapped and dormant.

Image result for employee

Tapping all these opportunities can result in improved financial strategies, increased profitability, and quick decision making. Creativity also enables an enterprise to stay ahead of the curve.

Transcend boundaries

Creativity enables entrepreneurs to find some of the path-breaking discoveries.

As such, it’s essential to allow collisions and blur to take place to transcend boundaries set by disciplines.

That way, it’s easier for an entrepreneur to get new perspectives towards solving a financial or operational problem.

Creativity lets an entrepreneur connect distinct aspects and extrapolate feasible solutions from unrelated concepts.

Encourage critical thinking

Creativity is slowly turning out to be one of the best ways to alleviate problems plaguing today’s enterprises.

Problem-solving works best when coupled with highly disciplined and focused thinking. Entrepreneurs can think in either divergent or convergent thinking mode.

Convergent thinking involves in-depth analysis and enables an entrepreneur to find the most feasible solution to a managerial or financial problem.

It allows entrepreneurs to use various data sources such as accounting software and computer systems.

In contrast, divergent thinking encourages creativity by enabling business owners to explore possible solutions for the same problem.

While entrepreneurs can combine both thinking modes, divergent thinking ensures an enterprise gets the best resolution.

Foster innovation

Manufacturers create unique products to not only meet customer expectations but exceed them as well.

As such, entrepreneurs need to be cautious to ensure their products are relevant and useful to the users.

While it may be hard to spot this from the beginning, things start to get more evident as your idea turns into a reality.

In fact, this is the time an entrepreneur begins to realize how innovation and invention differ. The invention refers to a new, unique concept while innovation is an idea which is as unique and useful as the original one.

You need to be creative and view an idea differently to be innovative. That way, it’s easier to turn a concept into a reality.

Why is there “Regret” in a world full of new Findings?

Modern World = Striving for Globalization or Emotional Success?

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When we dive into the massive iceberg of the 21st century, we may come across several terminologies such as: “Globalization,” “Internet-Addiction,” “Emotional Surpluses” and etc. Yet, what could this all mean? A common flow of stereotypical words suddenly invade our stage of interpretation.

Partially yes, and partially no. This is the reaction that might help us define what, where, how and when we’re trying to be emotionally stable and hence, bring the term of “Regret” into the house of tea and discussion.

Let us open our minds and hit the breaks!

Regret – a word of no need to add any metaphor

The point when anyone in-between the ages of consciousness appeals to his or her past, thinking of what possibly could have been done to prevent a certain occasion at a certain time.

Well, just as particularly anything on this planet, regret is both  beneficially (the after-math at least) and disadvantageous (obviously).

To make the scenario a bit more transparent, allow me to represent you 2 models:

The moment Human X gets rejected by his new “spotlight” and the moment Human Y does not have enough cash to repair his vehicle.

Getting into details

Now, imagine Human X falls into a short depressive period perhaps and thinks on what to do next. The moment after, he realizes that this might be one of the multiple tests he’s been given to pursue during his lifetime.

Image result for life test

This not only brings him motivation to find his destiny and perhaps evaluate the current he has, for the good of the things he may obtain in the future, but also allowed him to define what he might have done wrong during his experience.

Now, Human Y by itself is not in the best situation either. He urgently needs financial aid by explicitly taking into account the vital role his car plays in his everyday life.

So what would they do?

Crying is not the best option, as we all know, of course.

Yet self-realization is the major key that may lead to the common thesis of:

In every chaos there is calculation

This “key” both of them may feel is commonly named as “Regret”.

In other words, Human X would review the points he might have missed or simply considered his current state as the best outcome that could’ve been even worse. Maybe he had something to devote towards on a bigger scale rather than typical ‘drama stories’ not worth his dedication specifically at that period of time.

Human Y, on the other hand, will improve his financing abilities and take into the current circumstance just for the sake of circumventing it in the future.

But in the end they’d think of it as if:

Image result for regret

Hold on for a moment…

The “I wish I had a time machine” phrase most of all comes after a certain event, just as the two examples I have demonstrated in the very beginning.

And now, at last, I ought to have the right to summarize the thesis and its effects all into one word  – regret.

Of course, making mistakes is globally considered to be “a weak representation of your skills in any particular region.” i personally believe this is biased and must be utilized in a far different way. So will I do this with the help of the word “regret.”

Regret is purely negative, yet fully controllable and in fact, even motivates people to consider what they COULD HAVE and WOULD HAVE achieved by the effects of the world and the common consensus of subconsciousness.

We can actually use this factor as a reminder towards ourselves that in case we don’t do the things we ought to do to achieve our goals – we might end up in the situation we are regretting now.

Last message

Stay live and always wise,

Never beat your eyes,

With the ashes of demotivation,

Always live and always strive,

With the meaning of night,

But the vision of your sight

Humbleness is the key to what…?

Well, we’ve heard this a 100 times, let us hear it once more

Imagine yourself fighting for something in the name of, say, willing to achieve the first place in your Physics competition.

You work, strive, do a lot of research on what others had on the past exams and want to get that first place. This is


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To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

Why do we need to Forgive anyway? We’re living okay at the moment already, aren’t we?

Last time I posted an article about Regret,  and many wondered of what its meaning was and whether it was connected to something excessively personal.

Yet, as I mentioned before, the purpose of such posts contain in spreading ideas and allowing others to share their motives and initiatives, while encountering a broad spectrum of experience.

I have planned a series of posts consisting of 3 degrees: Regret-Forgiveness-Humbleness.

Image result for regret hd


Image result for forgiveness hd


Image result for humbleness hd

Let’s get it to the crops

So what is forgiveness as a whole?

It’s the point when one approves the other’s bad behavior and decides to send a compromise towards his/her address. The entire point of leading to such a emotionally prodigious commitment is to gain peace, love and hope for the better.

The range of Forgiveness flies from a typical couple situation and leads to the worries of entire nations on governmental levels. Forgiving bears an extreme list of benefits that would lead to nothing more  but happiness.

Just think about it. Imagine the following: your friend decides to hit you as if it were a joke and you sort of couldn’t accept it because your other friends were standing nearby.

The bending moment was the moment your friend stroke you with the incorrect words at the incorrect moment in terms of time. This specific portion named as “time” is what called your internal emotions and got you caught with the wave of “ANGER“.

Now let us find the effect of such a magical word:

Forgive for the Good

When a person forgives the other one sitting on opposite, both people come up with a massive load of positivity, leading to the process of neutralization in terms of arguments.

One fear that often comes across many identities, which primarily is the reason why others do not utilize the strategy of “forgiveness”, is that the people who are forgiven may not consider that forgiving means:

“this is your last chance of acting the way you have just done and the time of realization ought to emerge.”

Forgiving is explicitly the best way of giving the world hope

“Once forgiven, a twice revision.” – Anonymous

Think about sharing what you can to the world and let it be reachable to the entire committees of nations!

Forgive the ones you may be demotivated by and let the ones who live for the sense of anger know and feel what it is like to share a portion of happiness!


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