Get a good night’s sleep

It’s something we spend about a third of our lives doing, but do any of us really understand what it’s all about?

You might love it because you think you don’t actually do anything while sleeping. But you have to know what’s actually going on there. While your body is indeed still and your mind is off walking in dreams, your brain never rests. Sleep refreshes and clears the mind. It clears out harmful toxins. This may be essential for preventing and treating diseases of the mind in the future.

However, most people not only don’t get enough of it, but also they never care about the quality of sleep.

Here are a few tips for the best rest possible:


The best sleep, on average, happens when the surrounding environment is around 20 degrees Celsius. And you might fall asleep faster if you warm your body up just before the bed. Coming out of a warm shower into a cooler room causes a slight decrease in body temperature.


Your body has a natural sleep cycle regulated by exposure to light. In the morning, get a nice dose of light to tell your brain it is time to wake up. An hour before bed, dim lights and turn off screens. This cues the brain to prepare for sleep.


You can incorporate herbs into your nighttime routine. You can either breathe in a lavender oil before bed or put a lavender pillow on your eyes while you sleep. The effect of lavender is even stronger if you pair it with some other relaxing evening routine like journaling or meditation.

Give these tips a try and see if better sleep can improve your life during the day.

What should I do if I am lying in bed for hours frustrated about not being able to fall asleep?

  • If you’re not sleeping for more than 15 minutes and getting anxious about not sleeping, just get out of bed and leave the bedroom. And don’t take your mobile device because you’re going to use it and the light from it will delay the onset of sleep.

What is the most practical advice to improve sleeping habits?

  • Implement basic sleep hygiene, which is not drinking caffeine after midday, or exercising too late, or drinking alcohol before bed, and just eating sensibly. If doing natural things like this doesn’t work, then it might be wise to consult with a specialist or a doctor.

So as we are facing all the multiple crises in our world at the moment, what is good for us on a personal level, what’s going to bring more joy, gratitude, effectiveness in our lives and be the best for our own careers, is also what is best for the world. So I urge you to shut your eyes, and discover the great ideas that lie inside us; to shut your engines and discover the power of sleep.


Thanks for reading; we hope you enjoyed it!

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