The Model United Nations X Conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

One of the most Grand High School Conferences in Uzbekistan 

The Model United Nations X Conference was officially held on November 17th, 2018 at the Academic Lyceum of the Westminster International University in partnership with the Westminster International University in Tashkent.

The partners of the conference were officially claimed to be SharErudition, KingsAcademy, Wise Education, English Zone, the Youth Union of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There were over 100 applications and 60 of the applied were accepted to proceed towards the initially planned conference.

The Model United Nations X consisted of 2 Committees: The General Assembly and The Security Council. During the procedure of both committees, delegates had the chance to actively participate in multiple debates and motion ceremonies that had allowed several young, passionate identities to demonstrate their positions in several globally demanding topics.

For the Security Council, the topic was specifically devoted towards “The Illicit Utilization of Weapons – Weapon Trafficking.” A list of up to 13 countries took part in the 4 Meeting Sessions that took place during the entire conference among several Special Guests that had the chance to observe and coordinate a significant portion of the gathering.


The Secretary-General, Shohruh Artaman, commented: “It was a delightful meeting with so many logistics taken into account at the correct period of time and dexterously matching several principles into one; overall, I believe the conference turned out to be a great experience as for myself, and so the freshmen of our lyceum.”

For the General Assembly, the event was based on “The Illegal Exploitation of Light Drugs and its Effects on Human Health.” A list of up to 20 countries took part in the 4 Meeting Sessions with the introduction of an honorable guest, specifically speaking the Secretary-General of the Tashkent International Model United Nations, Tolibjon Mustafaev. An opening speech was given by the following 3 identities: Tolibjon Mustafaev, Shohruh Artaman, and Abdulaziz Sharopov.

Resolutions over resolutions

As an entire resolution, the following Committees gave their resolutions at a rapid pace and then came to a common consensus.

Kamila Ospanova (Left), Zokir Mirtursunov (Right)

The Resolution of the Security Council was effectively brought to the delegations present during the conference:

  • Recalling its primary responsibility under the Charter of the UN for the maintenance of International peace and security, and noting the significance of small arms and light weapons as the most frequently used weapons in the majority of recent armed conflicts. The United States of America and Russian Federation proposes with essential help of Kuwait, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Iran, Peru, France, India, Sweden, China, Mexico.

  • Reducing stockpile (nuclear weapons and small arms) and productivity of legal and illegal weapons

  • Maintaining border security: trading weapons only according to international agreements

  • Close the gates between the legal and illegal markets

  • Reduce motivation for acquiring guns

  • Use the unique position of peace-keeping officers to make significant contributions in the identifying and monitoring illicit arm flows in conflict areas through technologies and knowledgeable staff

  • To destroy the excess of the arms that are left from military use

  • Cooperate with transnational companies and cyber security experts

  • Using nuclear energy for helpful ways such as getting electricity or some vital energy

  • Putting international condemns and sanctions on those who don’t want to follow the SC resolution

  • Minimize the role of nuclear weapons in defense doctrines

  • To help less developed countries with their border issues

  • Make use of the UN army to maintain peace in conflicted areas and borders

  • Meet the demands of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

  • Endorsing surveillance centers

  • To install microchips into the bodies of military workers

  • Creating database and register all of the weapons

  • Put economic sanctions on countries disagreeing with proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty

  • Organize transparency

The Organization process was concluded with the directed motive of precise determination and enhanced quality of orders.

The resolution of the General Assembly was concluded as the full resolution on top of what was applied to the entire Meeting Session 4:

Sponsors: The USA, France, Germany, The Democratic Republic of China

Signatories: Australia, Peru, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Columbia.

Topic: ” Legalization of light drugs and its possible effect on Human Health”

The following countries are in favor of legalization light drugs, such as cannabis in medical, scientific and pharmaceutical purposes due to the next reasons:

  1. 1. Researchers on light drugs are needed to find synthetic versions of them that later will help to create a safer treatment options. For example: Marinol.

2. Help decrease nausea, stimulate appetite, decrease pain, caused by diseases like: cancer, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s diseases, HIV\AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis C and etc.

And next conditions:

  1. The medical staff is permitted to prescribe exactly one cannabis-based medication: Sativex. But they can only write a prescription if the patient hasn’t responded to other forms of treatment in virtue of following illness, such as cancer, HUV-AIDS and multiple sclerosis.
  2. Requests that all countries organize completely legal Drug Consumption Rooms in all cities of the countries, based on the experience of several European countries like Germany, Belgium, Greece and France, that established them in the beginning of 21 century. There are numerous advantages of them:
  • Mortality caused by overdosing decreases significantly;
  • Providence of completely sterile syringes, drugs as a well as advice on how to use them safely.

The main aim of these rooms is to gradually decrease the dose of drugs, that they consume and make them free from addiction on drugs.

To find special organizations, which will control consumption of light drugs in researches , strict control of the governments is demanded.


Overall, the Model United Nations X conference was fulfilled with an entire symphony of debates, regulations, optimization and modern epitomes of world fulfillment in terms of Drug trafficking and its illicit effects on human health.

The conference’s partners are more than devoted to cooperate in the ALWIUT Model United Nations Team in their future commitments. The President of the Security Council, Lazizbek Lukhamnov, comments: “This has been a big step in the life of Model United Nations as a whole, in Uzbekistan and we will to pursue our intentions in an even bigger scale in the upcoming year of 2019. We ask all our participants to stay tuned to our channel and social medias, because we promise to invite you all to one of the largest conferences ever held in the history of High Schools in Uzbekistan.”

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