To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

Why do we need to Forgive anyway? We’re living okay at the moment already, aren’t we?

Last time I posted an article about Regret,  and many wondered of what its meaning was and whether it was connected to something excessively personal.

Yet, as I mentioned before, the purpose of such posts contain in spreading ideas and allowing others to share their motives and initiatives, while encountering a broad spectrum of experience.

I have planned a series of posts consisting of 3 degrees: Regret-Forgiveness-Humbleness.

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Let’s get it to the crops

So what is forgiveness as a whole?

It’s the point when one approves the other’s bad behavior and decides to send a compromise towards his/her address. The entire point of leading to such a emotionally prodigious commitment is to gain peace, love and hope for the better.

The range of Forgiveness flies from a typical couple situation and leads to the worries of entire nations on governmental levels. Forgiving bears an extreme list of benefits that would lead to nothing more  but happiness.

Just think about it. Imagine the following: your friend decides to hit you as if it were a joke and you sort of couldn’t accept it because your other friends were standing nearby.

The bending moment was the moment your friend stroke you with the incorrect words at the incorrect moment in terms of time. This specific portion named as “time” is what called your internal emotions and got you caught with the wave of “ANGER“.

Now let us find the effect of such a magical word:

Forgive for the Good

When a person forgives the other one sitting on opposite, both people come up with a massive load of positivity, leading to the process of neutralization in terms of arguments.

One fear that often comes across many identities, which primarily is the reason why others do not utilize the strategy of “forgiveness”, is that the people who are forgiven may not consider that forgiving means:

“this is your last chance of acting the way you have just done and the time of realization ought to emerge.”

Forgiving is explicitly the best way of giving the world hope

“Once forgiven, a twice revision.” – Anonymous

Think about sharing what you can to the world and let it be reachable to the entire committees of nations!

Forgive the ones you may be demotivated by and let the ones who live for the sense of anger know and feel what it is like to share a portion of happiness!


Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it!

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