Time Fights

Time, time, time. No time for this and no time for that! But why?

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Ever wondered why time flies so fast that you simply cannot cope up with your daily agenda? No worries. This happens to a majority of people, including myself.

How do we Deal with it?

In the beginning of my struggles, I had came across this one book: “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman.

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This book is primarily about the methods of perception humanity has been utilizing since its days of existence. Heuristics and interpretation are the fancy words mostly used in this book.

Now, when we get to the point of “Time management” it’s often difficult to handle and so I came up with this so-far-so-good unique strategy!

Drum rolls!



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Yes, one by one. A lot of people claim to be the modern Julio Caesars of today, not to be mean or cliche in any sense, yet it is true.

If attacking one by one comes out the way it should, you will notice vast changes on your way to your own term of success, despite what it is.

Many people have tried to incline towards the ‘simultaneous’ method of writing an article, drinking coffee, listening to music, and checking your math book near your side. This, in my opinion, will absolutely not work in any circumstance.

I say this in the term of pure geniality and will to let the knowledge hunters of today, be the wise conquerors of tomorrow.


What if I can’t stand of doing one tedious task all day long? What’re you going to tell me, go do another activity?


Well, I could say that. Indeed, it’s always an option.

But let me add some mental floss sprinkles on top of this baking cake:

Listen to Podcasts!

In fact, we are having this major project launch soon this summer!

The reason of such a dedication is to let the busy students and seekers of ours improve their comprehension or listening skills at the times of the inevitably unsuitable situations.

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Once it is out, we would highly recommend you to grasp the ideas and conversations we deploy here, on our fair-well center of erudition.

We hope you enjoy it!

Update: We have finally launched it and go seek the wonders! Click Here to Move to the Epitome of Knowledge

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any suggestions please leave them below and we will definitely come back to you as soon as possible!

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