Time: A measurement we hardly notice

Why is it always Time, not Hershey’s?

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There’s nothing better than some Hershey’s during class

That’s actually a decent question towards which I personally would absolutely agree. Yet, there are a couple of points we ought to distinguish before making any resolution.

Here we go!

The definition of time has been and still is unknown to many. A variety of scientists and philosophers–beginning with Confucius and ending with Albert Einstein–have never unambiguously determined the concept of Time

Yet, despite the enigmatic site of such inconvenience, let us take a look at some of the definitions of time authentic sources give:

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“Time is something we deal with every day, and something that everyone thinks they understand. However, a compact and robust definition of time has proved to be remarkably tricky and elusive.”


Time is familiar to everyone, yet hard to define and understand. Science, philosophy, religion, and the arts have different definitions of time, but the system of measuring it is relatively consistent.”

Simplicity? Or perhaps indeterminate explanations?

This brings us to a connotation that time requires more definition about its usage than substance: “Action comes first, while fruit comes last”.

The Arrow of Time

The arrow of time means time moves from the past into the future, not in the other direction.

Now, as commonly known, Time consists of 3 dimensions: the Past, the Present and the Future.

Physics equations work equally well whether time is moving forward into the future (positive time) or backward into the past (negative time). However, time in the natural world has one direction, called the arrow of time.

The question of why time is irreversible is one of the biggest unresolved questions in science.

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One explanation is that the natural world follows the laws of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics states that within a closed system, the entropy of the system remains constant or increases.

If the universe is considered to be a closed system, its entropy (degree of disorder) can never decrease. In other words, the universe cannot return to exactly the same state in which it was at an earlier point.

So, Time cannot move backward.

Well that sounded obvious, what’s the main point?

The thing is, if we have these three components and take into account the inevitable state of all the previous, it is important to understand how we may benefit from them.

Consequently, knowing your past may help you decide what to do during your present. And once wisely decided at the current time, an exemplary future may be awaiting its trial.

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